Is technology keeping you up at night?

Keeping website tech secure and up-to-date, ensuring website performance and functionality, allowing you to focus on you core expertise, and maintaining a competitive online presence are the main reasons to stay up to date with technology.

Up to date technology

  • Do you have the experience to build or edit a site? 
  • Are constraints of time and resources holding you back?
  • Do you have a lot of fear and can’t move forward?


Small business owners often lack web design skills due to competing priorities, limited resources, and complexity


There a lot of tech and steps involved in setting up the moving parts of the site. Time constraints due to potential delays can impact business goals, compromised quality, limited revisions, missed opportunities, and increased stress


Clients often fear mistakes in web maintenance and design, as errors can harm functionality, user experience, and brand reputation

You are not alone, and I understand how much technology is involved. If you want to learn there are many resources available for you to get started.

what's Included:


Many business owners feel overwhelmed by website technology. Here’s what your PERSONAL technology package for a day could include to alleviate those fears (customized for you):

Website Setup & Design: Create a professional website on WordPress or other platforms, customizing themes, colors, and layouts to reflect brand identity.

Mobile Optimization: Ensure website responsiveness for mobile devices to capture a significant portion of internet traffic.

CMS Training: Provide training on content management systems for easy content updates and page additions without coding.

SEO Basics: Guide on optimizing content for search engines, including keyword research and meta tags for improved visibility.

Integration: Assist in setting up different integration apps, example is an e-commerce platform for online sales, including payment gateways and product listings.

Analytics Setup: Help set up Google Analytics for tracking website performance and user behavior.

Basic Graphic Design: Offer support in creating visually appealing images and graphics aligned with the brand.

Technical Support: Provide ongoing assistance for troubleshooting and further enhancements